CG5 – Absolutely Anything (feat. OR3O) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Opinions (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Find Da Wae (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Can I Get An Amen (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Let Me Through (feat. Dolvondo) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – The Bongo Cat Song (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Love Isn’t Fair (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Fears (feat. DAGames) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Crawling (feat. Dolvondo) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Like It Or Not (feat. Dawko) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Masterpiece (feat. Bslick) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Projections (feat. Dawko) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Scared Of You (feat. Tobuscus) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – Uncrowned (Performer/Writer/Producer)

CG5 – The Final Straw (feat. Dolvondo) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Fifty Grand (Alumni)

Xxxtentacion – Kill Me (Pain From the Jail Phone) [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – Chapter 1 [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – A Message to Tina belcher [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – Blasted [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – Rare Pt 1 [Writer/Producer]

Night Lovell – Dead Lovell [Writer/Producer]

Night Lovell – Bad Kid [Writer/Producer]

Night Lovell – Worldwide [Writer/Producer]

Bones – Intracloud [Writer/Producer]

Bones – TreeOfLife [Writer/Producer]

Bones – TheMomentIMetTrueFear [Writer/Producer]

Fifty Grand – Scary All Over (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Fifty Grand – Daytime Dies (Performer/Writer/Producer)

909Memphis – Paper Clouds [Writer/Producer]

Autumn! – Could You! [Writer/Producer]

Kankan ft. Summrs – Fendi [Writer/Producer]

Summrs – Soon As I [Writer/Producer]

Freddie Dredd (Ryan C.)

Freddie Dredd – Weather (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Freddie Dredd – Cha Cha (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Freddie Dredd – All Alone (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Freddie Dredd – GTG (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Freddie Dredd – Ditty (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Freddie Dredd – Killin’ on Demand (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Freddie Dredd – La Madrague (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Isaiah the Wulf – Chapter Black [Writer/Producer]

TRiPPJONES – I CAN’T LACK [Writer/Producer]

Apoc Krysis (feat. LIL B) – Friendship [Writer/Producer]

Gin$eng (Alumni)

Mansionz – Dennis Rodman ft. Dennis Rodman [Writer/Producer]

Santz – Fukemweball ft. XXXTENTACION [Writer/Producer]

Famous Dex – Outta Here [Writer/Producer]

Lil Tecca – Why U Look Mad [Writer/Producer]

Rico Nasty – Life Back [Writer/Producer]

Thouxanbanfauni – Miss Me (feat. 2gramcam) [Writer/Producer]

Wifisfuneral – Pop [Writer/Producer]

Lil Tracy – 10 Racks [Writer/Producer]

Lil Tracy – Don’t Speak to Me [Writer/Producer]

Lil Tracy – Bestie [Writer/Producer]

Lil Tracy – This is it Chief [Writer/Producer]

Night Lovell – GOODNIGHT LOVELL (Album) [Writer/Producer]

Craig Xen – Hibana [Writer/Producer]

Craig Xen – Bent [Writer/Producer]

Cyrax – Be Great [Writer/Producer]

Cyrax – Tank ft. $ilkmoney [Writer/Producer]

Ginseng – I’ll Be Okay (feat. Velvetears) (Performer/Writer/Producer)


Lil Pump – Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) [Writer/Producer]

Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Just Vibe (feat. Gunna) [Writer/Producer]

Kaine – Proper Etiquette [Writer/Producer]

6 dogs – OK [Writer/Producer]

6 dogs – Saturn [Writer/Producer]

6 dogs – Guccy Armor [Writer/Producer]

Corporate Lingo – ISSA NO! (feat. Liamette & drip) [Writer/Producer]

Yoko Chanel – Chanel Bleu [Writer/Producer]

polearm – dynamo [Writer/Producer]

Grandma – elastic [Writer/Producer]

Grandma – Outer Space [Writer/Producer]

hanzo – fortnite (feat. boothlord, swavay & liamette) (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – frozen (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – SUPERBLOODWOLFMOON (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – dirty forces (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – big child support – thou shall never lack (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – french doors (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – MULHOLLAND (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – no fear (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – c h i l l o u t (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hanzo – same time (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Hellion (Alumni)

Xxxtentacion – battle cry [Writer/Producer]

Lil Peep – switch up [Writer/Producer]

craig xen – bent [Writer/Producer]

nascar aloe – sirens [Writer/Producer]

velvetears x sosi – crestfallen [Writer/Producer]

badXchannels x hellion – the shack under the hill [Writer/Producer]

dylan brady x hellion – not 4ever [Writer/Producer] 

dylan brady x hellion – energy [Writer/Producer]  

dylan brady x hellion – secret lovers [Writer/Producer]

fifty grand x hellion – floater (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hellion – gravekeeper (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hellion – lightless (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hellion – myself (Performer/Writer/Producer)

hellion – twilight iota (Performer/Writer/Producer)

dontlovejacob (Ghost!”) x hellion – tomorrow’s misery (Performer/Writer/Producer)

Kellbender (Alumni)

Xxxtentacion – Wingriddenangel [Writer/Producer]Xxxtentacion – Caution [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – Chapter 1 [Writer/Producer]

Ski Mask the Slump God – TheHumanCentipede [Writer/Producer]

Craig Xen – Chopstix [Writer/Producer]

RetcH – Dead Friends [Writer/Producer]

Fifty Grand – Daytime Dies [Writer/Producer]

JA$IAH – Imnotokoralright [Writer/Producer]

Lil West – Compared & Hated [Writer/Producer]

Velvetears – Imma Lie [Writer/Producer]

King Yosef (Alumni)

Alice Glass – Bloodoath Remix [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – King [Writer/Producer]

Zheani – The Question [Writer/Producer]

Zheani – Satanic Prositute EP (Title Censored EP) [Writer/Producer]

Ski Mask The Slump God – Billy And Mandy [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – KILLME [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion – Failure Is Not An Option [Writer/Producer]

Craig Xen (feat. Xxxtentacion, Garett’s Revenge) – Crucify Thy Infant [Writer/Producer]

Xxxtentacion & King Yosef – Willy Wonka Was A Child Murderer (Performer/Writer/Producer)


Comethazine – “BAWSKEE 3.5” (Album Remix) [Writer/Producer]

Comethazine – “Walk” (Lofi Remix) [Writer/Producer]

blackbear – “HGB” (Lofi Remix) [Writer/Producer]

Jasiah – “Crisis” (Lofi Remix) [Writer/Producer]

Savage Ga$p – “Sucks to Suck” [Writer/Producer]

Lil Chawley – “Loser” (Lofi Remix) [Writer/Producer]

LLusion – walk but in a garden (Performer/Writer/Producer)

LLusion – Uh Oh Stinky but it’s a lofi beat (Performer/Writer/Producer)

LLusion – Day In Paris (Performer/Writer/Producer)